Think once before you raise your hand at her!  I remember how much you used to love her with all your heart. Where did all that love go?  Has the hatred you’ve begun to bear made you incapable of seeing the pain in her eyes? You have broken her apart. You are solely responsible for her shattered morale and her wrecked soul. You calmly entered and tore her life apart. You forced yourself upon her and snatched her dreams away. Her bubbly personality is now long gone. All that remains are the scars that you left behind.  Every day she closes her eyes and remembers your face. The one face that she desperately wants to forget. The person she once deeply loved has changed. Changed for the worse and she cannot help but cry in vain. The tears seem to be unlimited in that small weak body of hers.

YOU. You are the reason behind her devastated condition. Love cannot evaporate like water. But you brought it to its boiling point. It was your pain, your hatred and your lack of trust that collusively added fuel to the fire, increasing the heat, which in turn caused all the love to bubble, slowly passing over to oblivion. One minute it’s there and next it’s gone. That’s not possible! People assumed that she was your one true love. But that’s definitely not the case.  Is it? What happened to that sparkle in your eyes when you held her in your arms for the first time? What happened to the smile that used to play upon your face when she appeared in your line of sight? Do you not have any humanity left in you? Not even an ounce? One does not hurt the ones that they love. You should be ashamed of yourself.  If you truly did have any feelings for her, you would not throw any brutal or harsh comments in her direction, or worse, physically abuse her. Remember you once loved her more than you loved yourself. You have caused more than enough damage. If you are incapable of repairing the damage, leave her alone. Let her live her remaining life peacefully. This is the least you could do for her. Think once. No, think a million times before you raise your hand at anyone!


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