Why losing is different from failure?

Well you must be wondering what is wrong with this girl. Of course, they are different! They are categorised as two DIFFERENT words in the Oxford Dictionary. Oxford cannot be wrong. What is this girl sitting behind a small laptop, in some house, in some city, in some country trying to prove? Of course they are different words with different meanings. And guess what?

I am here to tell you that you are indeed right! They are two different words with two different meanings. But we often tend to misinterpret these words therefore losing potential opportunities that could possibly change our lives. Failure is a term coined to interpret the lack of success while ‘loss’ is a word used to describe the deprivation or seizable nature of a certain something.

You do not win a cricket match? Well you lose. But you have not failed. Keep practising and you will win someday. Cannot get a math problem right? Well keep at it and you will eventually gain success. Haven’t gotten your makeup right? Well keep trying and you will eventually look stunning. These seem to be small and irrelevant matters that are not life changing. But have you ever wondered what Sachin Tendulkar, Shakuntala Devi or Jeannie Mai would have done if they had considered their loss to be their failure?

There is a reason why people say that they have been able to ‘lose weight’. This is because what is lost can be easily gained. You never hear someone say that have not ‘failed’ enough weight. It is a different thing that this is grammatically wrong, and hence people do not use this word in this sense. However, when someone fails in something it usually refers to a downfall that has the power to emotionally hurt you.

But when do you truly fail in life? The word failure is only defined for the benefit of those who would even consider failure as an option. Failure might be the opposite of success. But actually, there is no such thing as failure. Only loss; and what is lost is always easily gained.  Next time you feel like a failure, remember- this word does not exist. So pick yourself up and correct your mistake. Earn back what you have lost. You are not a failure.

So what can we take away from this? Humans are not wired to fail. Only lose. We all have the power within that helps us pick ourselves up and face the world, head up, once again.  Therefore, whenever you feel like you have lost something, remember that this is not permanent. At first, you may seem to be wallowing in neck deep sorrow. But this sorrow does ‘evaporate’. All we must do is make sure that there is no lid on top of us that forces this evaporated sorrow to condense back into our lives.


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