This world may not be as it seems. What if you realise one day that, all that you have learnt is not true? What if your life has just been one big fantastic lie? The truth has now been deemed a lie and now your content life seems to have fallen apart. But, your eyes have been opened now and the truth has been exposed. Or should I say, ‘lies have been exposed’?

Sometimes do you wonder if you would have been better off with the thought that these lies are actually quite true? But now since you have been forcefully pulled out of that beautifully woven realm of lies/truths, you are in a delicate state. The pre-existent stability in your life that once kept you sane is now the driving force of your insanity.

Your life may not have been that interesting before. But as people say, ‘something is definitely better than nothing’. Is this really true? Or is this a lie too?  It is often quite hard to settle down for something that is less than perfect, especially when that imperfection is staring you right at your face. The perfectionist in you is suffering from a mild case of schizophrenia. After all, all that you believed in is now being upturned, pulled apart and partially destroyed.

But since, everything you could possibly believe is a lie, maybe you aren’t really a perfectionist. In that case, this mayhem that seems to be tearing your world apart should not really matter to you anymore. You still have a life. It may not be perfect, but at least you have one.



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