The Arrangement

There he sat at the corner table in the cafe, in front of the window, circling his cup of black coffee with his index finger. His eyes were fixated upon the peeling wallpaper in the upper right corner of the wall above the elaborate coffee maker that the cafe owned. He had been waiting there for nearly fifteen minutes. He despised people who were late. His eyes flickered between his seconds hand of his watch and the peeling wallpaper.

There she was, sitting in the opposite corner of the cafe right next to the coffee maker. She had gotten there five minutes ahead of time and was mentally preparing a list of all the ‘right’ things that she could say to him when he came. Nervously tapping her fingers on the wooden table for two, her eyes were focused on the large window that was opposite her table. She observed each passerby and wondered if he was- the one.

Then as though pre-planned, his eyes slipped from the peeling wallpaper at the same moment her eyes moved away from the window and landed upon the table right in front of it. Their eyes had locked onto each others. Glances were exchanged and soon phone numbers too.

Little did they realise that they had found their respective ‘ones’.


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