There he stood towering over my lean and petite structure. I could feel his breath on my skin. The warm rhythmic assurance that someone would always love me. Or so I thought. Well, maybe ‘love’ is a strong word. I was yet to explore or dwell into the feelings I bore for him. But work had tied me down on all fours. I never really got the time to think about these short moments that we stole from each others life. Maybe ‘shared’ is a better word. I never got to think about these brief but powerful moments that we shared with each other.

His hand caressed my cheek and then the nape of my neck. His lips lingered near my forehead. It seemed like he was contemplating whether or not to make any move.

“Maybe we should talk. Make it a little less awkward.” I realised that I had just said the wrong thing at the wrong time, as he immediately retrieved his hands and took a step back. Or maybe, I had just said the right thing at the wrong time. Truthfully speaking, it was getting slightly awkward. I wanted more although, I was not sure if I genuinely liked him. Yes, I got the butterflies when he was around me. Yes, I laughed ridiculously at every joke or sarcastic comment that left his mouth. Yes, I got jealous of the other unimportant girls who spent their time around him. But were these reasons enough to let my guard down and surrender to his doings?

Well technically, he wasn’t ‘doing’ anything to me. I was too strong to let anyone take advantage of me. Plus, he was hesitant too. He was a considerate and thoughtful human being.But for once,  I wanted him to hold me in his arms. I wanted to rest my head on his chest and stand there with him forever; if that was even possible. I wanted to feel his warmth engulf my mental state of being. I held his hand and looked into his eyes. They were not extraordinary nor did they resemble any greek god. They were normal. But that was exactly what I liked about him. His normal nature had started to seem exciting. His appearances may have been normal. But, his actions were anything but that. Every action, every word and every thought that he bore excited me. The mystery that shrouded him was slowly starting to clear and I had slowly begun to see his ‘real’ side.

If this is what it feels like to be in love with someone, then yes, I am in love!


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