Questions- Isn’t belief an emotion too?

How would it feel like if everyone you knew just vanished one day? Would you consider it an opportunity to start again or would you consider it a curse that has been forced upon you for some wrong doing in some past life? How would it feel if you were to wake up one day and forget the most important part of your life? Would you consider the sudden emptiness in your heart to be the longingness of love, care and security or would you consider it to be a sickness of some kind?

When these thoughts seem to cloud my vision and stand in front of dreams, I feel my head spinning. My thoughts seem to be running faster than the processing ability of my brain. It feels like I have been ignoring certain thoughts, certain memories, certain people and certain parts of me.

What do you call this indecisive nature that every human being is subjected  to? Is it really indecisiveness or is it simply the ignorance towards certain pathways, ideologies and societies? What makes your decision right and how do you tell the right from wrong? Your wrong decision might just be the right decision for someone else. But if that is the case, then how does one know whether the decision they are making is a right or wrong one?

With all these questions present in our minds, how are we still able to forget, ignore, dream, decide and desire? When the fundamental nature of these characteristics seem to be shrouded with mystery, how is one able to believe in them? Nothing is this world is definite. Yet millions of people decide to entrust their belief upon a concept that may still seem unclear to them. How do people find the power to believe in something other than themselves?

When these feelings and thoughts are encountered, they seem to evoke a sense of disbelief and anxiety in many. But yet again, one feeling results in another thus not waking us up from this world of emotions, but rather simply shifting us from one realm of this world to another. It is interesting and alarming how a thought process such as this can be easily conceived as a well expressed or suppressed emotion.


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