A soldier’s love song

I didn’t know what I was fighting for until I met you,

I didn’t know what I was out to protect, until I had you.

Now here I sit in front of a bonfire, reading letters written in your blood and sealed with your tears. As I go through the love-filled sentences, the motivation to win and run back into your arms only increases.

These stripes on my badge do not matter anymore, nor does the number of bullets in my gun. All that matters is the strength of my love for you. The strength that will hold me through these painful days and take me back to you. My heart beats like a clock counting down the moments until I get to see your face, and I wish I could freeze time or tune it back to the days I was in your embrace.

You’ve taught me to see the world we’ve brought to life and protect it for not only us but  for all those around too.  I chose this life so that I could protect you and the others who love someone with equal passion. You’ve made me realise that your love for me guides me through my dark days and I know that this love will guide me back home to you some day.

Thank you for teaching me not only how to love, but also how to embrace it and most importantly spread it all around, as together we are stronger than we have ever been before.


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