In a flash

This is a scene from ‘The Flash’. I do not own any of the characters or the subplot. I have just narrated the scene from Barry’s perspective.

My name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive.

Up until a while ago, I was just a normal man living a monotonous life. I was a forensic scientist working with the police of Central City. I lived underneath the shadow of many who protected the city. Well indirectly I did help, but not many thought so. Having gone through a tough childhood with my mother being killed and my father being her apparent murderer, I was not only left to deal with the complications of this ordeal but had also fallen victim to bullying at a young age; until the particle accelerator incident of course.

Iris and Joe were all I had left, given that he had taken me under his wing, all those years ago. I was grateful for this as these two were there for me, from every moment then on.

With years passing by, I had found solace in science and Iris. She was one of those who was good at everything but hadn’t quite put her mind to one thing in particular. I had urged her to take up journalism and I was glad she was enjoying this course thoroughly.

With the rise of the ‘meta-humans’, Iris had become obsessed with the ‘Flash’. Joe had already gotten to know of my identity and had made me promise that we would keep this a secret from Iris, in order to protect her. But this was just becoming harder and harder for me. She was desperate to find more information regarding ‘The Spark’ as she called it and was looking almost pathetic now.

For once, she seemed determined to succeed in something, and I didn’t want to be the one to crush her dreams of becoming a successful journalist. So being the idiot that I am, I ran to her side once again, hoping that the cards would turn around and that this time,she would look at me in a different light.

There she sat in her usual position at the coffee shop. She was working on her blog and was sipping on her usual black americano light roast with almost half a dozen spoonfuls fo sugar. I zoomed past her seat, suited up of course, and started vibrating my vocal chords. I began to tell her about my new case- Captain Cold and Heat Wave. Cisco always managed to come up with the most clever names for these meta-humans. I sounded like a kid narrating a bunch of fictional stories which she intently listened to. But we both knew this was definitely not fictional, given the disastrous ‘accidents’ that were taking place all around Central City. Ever since the particle accelerator explosion dispersed immense amounts of black matter all around the city, these ‘accidents’ would show up at regular intervals to destroy all that’s good.

She typed down all the details as quickly as she could, all while biting her lower lip. I had learnt how to multitask in the past one year as the new me, and so while talking to her, I was able to stare at her to my heart’s content. I had memorised every detail of her face and I was pretty sure I could never ever forget her.

As Joe had once said, I had loved her from the time I knew the meaning of love. I eventually reached the part where Eddie had jumped in front of me and saved my life. She immediately looked up at me with a gleam of happiness and shock in her eyes. At that moment, I knew she had fallen in love with Eddie all over again and I had involuntarily fallen in love with her, all over again.

All in just a flash.


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