How to be good at everything?

Okay (you caught me I lied), I am not going to tell you how to be good at EVERYTHING, because frankly, I don’t know the elixir that would help us achieve that (although knowing so would be great). However, since I have somewhat got your attention now , I could tell you how to be good at multiple things without having to give up a hobby that makes you happy. This societal norm to choose a single path in life and solely focus on it for the rest of your breathing and living days needs to be stopped. We live in a generation of multi-tasking and it’s normal to find yourself being pulled in multiple directions. This constant confusion to choose one career path in life can be asphyxiating. I for one am definitely what they call an ‘indecisive’ person. But what if I told this indecisiveness is the next big solution to finally ‘finding’ yourself? I mean think about! Colleges don’t merely focus on academics nowadays. They want a well-rounded individual with multiple talents. However, there is still that nagging existing thought process that often forces the new generation to give up their hobbies once the time to ‘make’ your life finally arrives.  It’s up to you whether you want to choose one path when you think your old enough to take that decision or forever juggle your hobbies successfully like a total badass. But until then, stop putting pressure on your  poor seventeen- eighteen year old selves to choose that ‘ONE’ thing that your life is going to be determined by. Here are six ways that you could be good at multiple things at the same time and still juggle that one course that you take in college.

1. Time Management

This is probably one of the most overused, repeated piece of advice that all of us have gotten at some point in our lives. No matter how we try to balance everything that we wish to do, there is always that one thing that gets missed out and honestly it couldn’t be more frustrating. And the worst part is that, you have no idea how to fix this! But fret not, there is one solution to time management. The trick is to not do every single thing for a limited period of time everyday, but rather, divide your activities on a per weekly basis, and dedicate a good chunk of time to each activity. The objective is to make sure you keep in touch with all interests with equal amount of dedication. But at the same time, one must not overwork themselves, as this would mean not giving good enough time to any activity and wasting truck loads of energy that is not the least bit fruitful.

2. Communicate effectively and be in control of your emotions

While trying to balance all your beloved activities, you are going to encounter a billion passerby’s that try to impart their knowledge and their learnt ways upon you. It is important to listen to them, but it is more important to only absorb those pieces of information that is relevant to you. Each person is different, and they work in different ways, so if you feel that your current routine works for you, then that’s simply brilliant! Just roll with it and continue successfully managing your interests. It is also equally important, that you let the people you care about, know that you wish to continue with all of these activities, because you do not want to close off any good opportunities that may come knocking your way. If you are sure about your decision, make sure you voice this out as, with good communication, you get support from those who truly understand and respect your decisions. This support is absolutely crucial, as you may want to give up at several instances or may come across several success stories, and it is these people around you who will support you and stay with you through all your high’s and low’s.

3. Take part in related events

As you’ve heard, practice makes perfect. This might be a tad bit overrated as you may never know when you reach perfection. But, by taking part in events, you not only realise where you stand and what the competition out there is like, but you also get exposure and , you learn a lot in the process as well. These events, turn out to be new platforms for you to try expressing yourself in a new and unique manner and at the same time you also get inspired by the work the others present. And even if you don’t do well in one event, and you just happen to embarrass yourself, you learn to pick yourself up, raise your chin in a confident manner and walk along for the rest of the way proud. So all in all, it always represents itself as a WIN- WIN situation.

4.  Document your feelings

Now don’t forget, we do have feelings. Unfortunate but true indeed. So, stop thinking with your head all the time, and do consider your feelings and your true emotions. These emotions are a powerful tool that help you achieve what you want to do, but at the same time, it also has the power to bring your morale down, pulling all your hard work and dedication with it alongside. So, do not underestimate this powerful tool and put it to good use.

5.  Focus

Now focus is something you probably already have if you’ve decided you do not know what you want to do. This is often pegged as indecisiveness, but honestly, this is a reflection of your dedication and focus on multiple things. Unlike many who believe that focus only comes when you’ve decided on that one single path that you would like to tread upon, I would beg to differ. The decision of undertaking several interests at one go, requires immense dedication. And without focus, one cannot carry out all these intended activities with ease. Therefore, I’d like to say that you are almost half way there. But, it is important to keep in mind, that it is easy to stray away from these interests, if the focus is not constant. Thereby, you’ve got to figure out a way to make sure that your dedication and focus is calibrated equally. By reviewing yourself, your success stories and failures from time to time, you will be able to record your performance and your improvements. This not only acts as confidence booster, but it also helps you focus on problem areas with more ease.

6.  Find friends with the same interests

Finally, coming on to our last point. Friends are an important part of our support system. Now this group of friends must consist of those who support and share your vision.  Whether they are on the same boat as you or not, it is essential that they respect your decisions but also guide you when you are seen treading on dangerous grounds. Your friend circle will ensure that you remain on top of all your work at all times and also help you take that well deserved break from time to time. This will energise you and inspire you to continue achieving all that you wish to achieve. A good circle is not only important for those who wish to do everything in life. But rather, this group is essential for every individual who wishes to live a content life. By surrounding yourself with friends who share a few or all of your interests, you will be able to attend events together, learn together and eventually progress together. You not only learn the meaning of teamwork but also learn the meaning of love and support. No matter how independent you may be, your friends will always help you remain grounded.

These pointers may or may not have helped you entirely, but I hope it has ignited that spark that will allow your minds to dig deeper into finding more ways that will not only help you multitask, but will also help you carry out all your interests with dedication and undying passion.


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